Website Designs & Web Services for Photo Boothers

Posted by Agatha Morales on

Trusted GoDaddy partner, Photo Booth Broadcast

Building you photo booth website with easy and speed. Photo Booth Broadcast gives you pre-made website templates that make it easy for you to type in your content and product information.

Building your own website can be a bit of a pain especially if you don't know what you are doing.

  1. Purchase a Domain
  2. Register it & Secure it
  3. Purchase Website Builder
  4. Pick from 50+ website templates
  5. Fill in content
  6. Input product services & prices
  7. Set up payment method
  8. Start marketing & Advertising to drive traffic to your website

Need help still? Treasure Booth creates an average of 30 websites a month for customer all around the world. Seek out our help here.