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Sequins Drapery - 8x8 panel
Treasure Booth Enclosures and backdrops

Open Photo Booths VS. Enclosed Photo Booths

Treasure Booth Backdrop and inflatable Booths

Treasure Booth Enclosure Reviews

Sequins Backdrops

Pro's: Available in numerous colors and photograph very well.
Con's: Looks transparent in hand but does photograph well.
Enclosed EZ Up Tent
Pro's: Very fast and easy to set up. Guests LOVE the privacy. Smaller groups of people at a time."
Con's: Anyone with a external model light can not use this enclosure. The model light will burn a hole through the material. 5x5 can only fit 2-4 people in the booth comfortably.
Inflatable Wall
Pros: Set up in 1-2 Minutes. Led lights give a heighten experience for your clients.
Cons: You will have to purchase a bin for storage because the bag that it comes with is sufficient.
Photo Booth Inflatable Cube
Inflatable Cube
Pros: 1-2 minute set up. 2 doors allow an entrance/exit and a slot for the photo booth.
Cons: When it deflates it gets dirty really quickly so you have to clean it every time.