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Treasure Booth is known to average a couple hundred events a year. Our most popular photo booth rental service is our self service packages. Meaning, all self service booths function without a photo booth attendant. Our Treasure Booths have proven to work flawlessly up to 6 hours on its very own. Technology gives us the ability to connect to your photo booth via wifi for remote access. You have control over your photo booth even when you're not around.

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Treasure Booth's Most Popular Photo Booth Systems | 30 DAYS FOR RETURNS - EASY EXCHANGES*

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Opportunities come in all different forms. Photo Booths have been entertainments newest trend. If you find yourself seeing these machines more and more that's because the photo booth industry is at its prime. The photo booth industry is brand new and looking for new entrepreneurs to take charge. If you can picture yourself pitching this idea to your clients then your rental business is only a click away.

Purchasing from a Photo Booth system from Treasure Booth is going to be one of the best decision for your business. We have gone through years of experience, trials, and errors to finally get the perfect system in place to make your photo booth business a breeze to make income! We have customers all over the United States that are living proof that our Treasure Booth are the golden ticket to making your dreams come true.

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