Photo Booth Start Up Business Program

Treasure Booth started off as a photo booth rental company, exactly where you want to me right now. We have gone through the trials and errors of building a successful photo booth rental company. We're proud to have been able to grow our business to share with our customers. Our goal with Treasure Booth is to help individual attain the position of a photo booth owner. Providing our customers with trusted equipment and the right process, we sure see the success in our customers.

Build your business with a business that is willing to share their success with you. Browse through our collections reviews about our services for customers just like you.

Our goals is to satisfy every customers. We strive for perfection and upgrade ourselves with every experience to better service our customers.

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Learn the basics of starting a photo booth business. What to expect other than just buying the equipment.

How to Start a Photo Booth Business, EBook

How to Start a Photo Booth Business, EBook


A brief introduction on how to start a photo booth business.

Photo Booth Business Start Up
Business Plan
Create a Vision Statement
Register your business
Buy Equipment
Marketing & Advertising
Website Importance

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Why invest into a photo booth business?

Because it delivers high image moments that are captured for a lifetime.

Selfie Nation

From their cell phones to the photo booths, people are always sharing new photos of themselves everyday!

Fun & Laughter

Every photo booth will always bring an event fun and laughter at all times.

Bringing People Together

Family, Friends, Colleagues, Professionals, come together to capture special moments to cherish forever.

Training & Support

All Photo Booth system are delivered with a 1 year subscription to our support team.

Low Maintenance

With a low cost expense on photo booth material its easy to produce a profit.

Make a Profit

Proven by Treasure Booth & its customers all over the United States that photo booths can make make a profit in the first year.

What people say?

All customers have different backgrounds and different stories.

Walker D.

Jacksonville, FL

I never would have thought I would be purchasing my photo booth system from someone online and not local to me but Treasure Booth has made my experience so easy and simple for me that I've purchased my second system within the first 6 months of business. Be sure that I will be growing and purchasing all my photo booth units from Treasure Booth.

Beatriz B.

Chino, CA

Thank you so much. My website and my photo booth system are exactly what I needed to reset my life.  After closing my first business I was scared to start over but you made my dreams come true and now I have my very own photo booth and design website,
The process was complete within the 2 weeks and they trained me to use the software. My second booth will most definitely be purchased with Treasure Booth again.


Palmer, Ak.

I'm an event planner and I wanted to add in a photo booth with my already established business. After several months of research Treasure Booth stood out with their exceptional service and pricing. They have been there from the beginning guiding us for successful events.

Photo Booth Business Launch Program

Highly Recommended for Beginners!

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The Ultimate Photo Booth Business Start Up Program that will ensure you all the equipment and supplies you will need to run your first 3-5 events. Support, training, and education will be provided to fully understand the booking process, photo strip designing, website designs, & best of all, getting paid. Treasure Booth delivers high quality items with exceptional service.

What's included?

Photo Booth System
Backdrop Kit System
Printing System
Software Training
Booking Process Training
Technical Support
Website & Local S.E.O. Program

We literally launch your entire online appearance to start driving traffic to your site and eventually turn that traffic into booking events. All the equipment need to run a successful photo booth experience for your clients.

Browse all inclusive photo booth packages

100% Authentic

All product are 100% authentic and high quality made in USA, California

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

You can always have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product

Photo Booth System Program- Equipment only

Do you already have your website and process up? Looking for just the photo booth system only? Treasure Booth has created a specific listing that has become very popular due to ease and simplicity. All equipment and training is provided to you to successfully cover 2-5 events. What's included?

Photo Booth System
Backdrop Kit System
Printing System
Software Training
Booking Process Training
Technical Support

Perfect for all users. Start your business off right with a portable Treasure Booth system. When you work on the weekends, we are also working with you. Running a successful photo booth business will definitely be a lot easier with Treasure Booth behind you.

Photo Booth Shell, Housing, Case, - Do it yourself

On a budget and need to get the job done? Treasure Booth has all the pieces you need to build a successful photo booth on your own.

Photo Booth Shells
Printer Stands
Printer Covers
Travel Cases
Backdrop Kits
Hot Shoes

Treasure Booth supplies equipment that has been tested in the field to ensure satisfaction and 100% overall ease and functionality.

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