T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package

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T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package
T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package
T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package
T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package
T11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business Package

Can you picture yourself owning and operating a photo booth business?

Are you detail oriented?

Do you plan, coordinate, or decorate your friends & family's events?

Or better yet, do you enjoy taking selfies?

Treasure Booth's All Inclusive Photo Booth Package

The platinum photo booth owners package is designed for those individuals that want to start off on the right foot. Treasure Booth sets you up with the equipment and booking process necessary to become a functioning photo booth rental business. Our owners will work one on one with you to reach your goals. The training course will cover how to make a photo strip, how to run video booth, green screen, and social media uploads.

If you are local we will take you on one of our rental events on the weekends so you can get the first hand experience on operating the photo booth machine. See for yourself how easy running a photo booth system is. Treasure Booth makes sure you are always assisted with any issue you run into. Our tech support has helped thousands of photo booths owners all over the USA.

All Inclusive Photo Booth Package for TB11v2 includes:

✔ TB11V2 Photo Booth Shell with Printer Stand

✔ Flash

✔ Umbrella

✔ Hot Shoe

✔ Canon T6 w/ 18-55mm lens

✔ Ac Adapter

✔ Microsoft Surface Pro 4, i5 processor

✔ USB hub 3.0

✔ Photo Booth Software

✔ Pre-loaded Photo Strip Designs

✔ Dye Sublimation Photo Printer with Printer Tray 

✔ Travel Bag for Printer

✔ Printer Cover with optional Printer Tray

✔ 1 Set of Media (700 Prints) *Average of 2-5 events

✔ Telescopic Background Stand with Sand Bags

✔ 2 Sequins Backdrops

✔ Travel Case and Customized Foam Insert for Photo Booth & Printer Stand

 Red Carpet

✔ Red Rope Stanchions

✔ 2 Sets of Stick Props

✔✔  6 Months of Tech Support 

✔✔  Website Domain & Design

✔✔ Booking Process Cheat Sheet

✔✔ Rental Agreement Template

✔✔  SEO on Local Market

✔✔  Social Media Accounts

✔✔ Training Course on Darkroom Booth 3

✔✔ Access to, "Marketing your Photo Booth," Ebook

✔✔ Access to Treasure Booth's Local Subcontracting Rental Network

✔✔ 10% Off Always Coupon for future purchases

✔✔✔✔ If you are local to Treasure Booth, you get an EXTRA BONUS OFFER!! Purchase this package and Treasure Booth will give you an opportunity to do an event with your photo booth equipment. That's right we will give you one of our events to attend, don't worry we will be there with you every step of the way. We will go through the motions of loading in/out, setting up/breaking down photo booth equipment, test lighting, printing photos, handling guest/ memory books, uploading pictures to online gallery. Yes, we teach you all this hands on! Treasure Booth wishes we can do this for all clients all over but for now it is only local to Azusa California.

For all other customers out of this area, rest assured that Treasure Booth has helped thousands of photo booth owners on the phone and online. We facetime, skype, and remotely access your photo booths from California to give you the solutions you need. That's right, we can access and control your photo booth as long as you have a strong WiFi connection. We can resolve most problems under 5 minutes. Having the peace of mind with Treasure Booth on your side is the best route for any photo booth owner.

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