iPad Glow

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Treasure Booth’s iPad Photo Booth is 4 pieces taking less than 5 minutes to set up. The ipad Glow is Treasure Booth's go to booth when dealing with low budget events. No out of pocket expense goes into renting this booth other than your software cost and gas to get to the event.

The ipad Glow is marketed as a socila media photo booth using email, text, social media upload. Features such as photo booth, green screen, gifs, & boomerang is most often provided with photo booth software.


  • Small, light weight, portable
  • Dim-able Ring light
  • Lower start up cost
  • LED Installation various colors
  • Wireless LED remote control
  • Tons of photo booth software to choose from

Each package is specific for your needs. Reminder these packages do not include any electronics, it's only the shell and casing. *ipad not included