TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System

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TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System
TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System
TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System
TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System
TB XC All Inclusive Photo Booth Business System

Live Demo on TB XC System


TBXC photo booth shell is small, compact, and portable for most people to hand for a one person set up. Average time to set up booth and start up is under 5 minutes. 

Portability, weight, and simplicity is exactly what you need to have an easy photo booth event.

Impress your customers with our attractive led body! With 10 different multicolor modes you sure will impress more than just your clients.

TB XC comes with face protection/flash bounce, flash rod, camera tilt platform, tablet bracket for surface pro 4 12.3”, led body installation with remote, all screws.

5 piece set up

  • 1 Base Plate
  • 2 Stands with LED
  • 1 TB XC Head

Photo Booth Weight

Fully Equipped Shell: 37 Pounds

Fully Equipped Shell with Case: 47 Pounds

Booth colors:

Black or White

What does the TB XC Photo Booth Business System Include?

✔ TB XC Photo Booth Shell with LED Installation

✔ Flash

✔ Hot Shoe

✔ Canon T6 w/ 18-55mm lens

✔ Ac Adapter

✔ Microsoft Surface Pro, i5 processor

✔ USB hub 3.0

✔ Photo Booth Software

✔ Pre-loaded Photo Strip Designs

✔ Dye Sublimation Photo Printer with 3 Year Warranty!

✔ Travel Bag for Printer

✔ Printer Cover with optional Printer Tray

✔ 1 Set of Media (700 Prints) *Average of 2-5 events


✔ Telescopic Background Stand with Sand Bags

✔ 2 Sequins Backdrops

 Red Carpet

✔ Red Rope Stanchions

✔ 2 Sets of Stick Props

✔ Travel Case and Customized Foam Insert for Photo Booth and Printer Stand

✔  1 Year of Tech Support & online video tutorials


All Inclusive Photo Booth Package includes:

✔✔  1 Year of Tech Support 

✔✔  Website Domain & Design

✔✔ Booking Process Set Up

✔✔ Rental Agreement Template

✔✔  SEO on Local Market

✔✔  Social Media Accounts

✔✔ Training Course on Darkroom Booth 3

✔✔ Access to, "Marketing your Photo Booth," Ebook

✔✔ Access to Treasure Booth's Local Subcontracting Rental Network

✔✔ 10% Off Always Coupon for future purchases

 TB XC System Live in Whittier California

TB XC Photo Booth Live at an Event with an Inflatable Cube

Invest & Let Us Build the System for YOU!

✔ Save Time

✔ Save Energy

✔ Learn from a Pro Boother

✔ Technical Support for available!

✔ Everything you need is included for your first 3 events.

Treasure Booth's Photo Booth System Buying Process

  1. Build & install equipment in your photo booth
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Configuration of Settings 
  4. Shipment
  5. Unpack your photo booth
  6. Schedule your 1 on 1 full demonstration
  7. Master Photo Booth Strip Designs
  8. Master Photo Booth Rental Booking Process
  9. Complete Photo Booth Event with ZERO errors.
  10. Be a Professional Photo Booth Rental Company

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