TB XC Photo Booth Shell

Treasure Booth

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  • Save $150

Live Demo on TB XC System

TBXC photo booth shell is small, compact, and portable for most people to hand for a one person set up. Average time to set up booth and start up is under 5 minutes. 

Portability, weight, and simplicity is exactly what you need to have an easy photo booth event.

Impress your customers with our attractive led body! With 10 different multicolor modes you sure will impress more than just your clients.

TB XC comes with face protection/flash bounce, flash rod, camera tilt platform, tablet bracket for surface pro 4 12.3”, led body installation with remote, all screws.

5 piece set up

  • 1 Base Plate
  • 2 Stands with LED
  • 1 TB XC Head

Photo Booth Weight

Empty TB XC Shell: 28 Pounds

Empty TB XC Shell with Case: 37 pounds

Fully Equipped Shell: 37 Pounds

Fully Equipped Shell with Case: 47 Pounds

Booth colors

Black or White

Preview of TB XC Photo Booth Shell

Purchasing the TB XC Shell and building it on your own?

Purchase Process

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  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Packaging & Shipping
  4. Receive Tracking Information
  5. Unpack Your Treasure Booth
  6. Build Photo Booth
  7. Install Equipment

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